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The mission of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy is under the spiritual direction of a Catholic priest.

 My Brother’s and Sister’s in Christ.

This is the true story of how this miracle photo occurred of “Our Lady of the Tear of Joy” and Our Blessed Mother is now giving messages that She wants this image of Her “known to all.”   First, my name is Arrow Osborne and for the most part, for the past 24 years, I have traveled to numerous sites of reported apparitions of Our Lord Jesus and Our Blessed Mother.  I have had rose petals rain down upon myself and about 70,000 plus people on that apparition day in Conyers Georgia in May of 93, I have seen lights beam down on people at the midnight apparition of Our Lady of Lights apparition in Kentucky in October of 93, I have been over come with the smell of roses at other apparition sites and when you smell Roses, that means the presence of Our Blessed Mother and the list goes on and on what I have seen and experienced.  Fact, in the past 500 years alone, there are at least 2,000 reported apparitions of Our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother appearing to people and now the church is saying that never before in the history of the church, are they recording more on going apparitions.  And why???  Look around you, everything is RECORD number of flooding’s, hurricanes, fires, earth quakes and this occurring in other countries as well.  Our Lord “Is’ sending us a very clear message.  I belong to a very large network of prayer warriors, mainly who I have met being in Medjugorje.  One of them is a man by the name of Mike Stanton.  Back in April of this year (2017), Mike who lives in Connecticut, him and I were planning another trip to Medjugorje with a group of our fellow prayers warriors.  Mike called me and said, “Hey have you ever heard of a visionary from the Philippines?”  I said “No.”  Mike said he is going to be at the Holy Spirit Center in Cincinnati the following day.  Then thru some clothes in a bag and headed towards Cincinnati.

While at the Holy Spirit Center for this most Blessed event, I met a man by the name of Neil who is very close to this visionary from the Philippines and is part of his inner circle of people whom he works with.  Neil and I immediately struck up a very close friendship, it was like it was meant to be, (Our Blessed Mother arranges so many events in our lives and how She uses us).  Neil told me that this visionary from the Philippines would be coming back in late August or September.  In short, Mike and I went to Medjugorje with our prayer warriors and had a most Blessed and Holy time.  Neil sent me this visionary’s from the Philippines and he would be in the greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area from August 28th thru September 6th at different Catholic churches doing his healing ministry.  I went to all of these events everyday and then on Saturday September 2nd,  while at St. Patrick church in northern Kentucky, Neil pulled me to the side and said, “What are you doing next Friday?” (which was Friday September 8th, the day we celebrate Our Blessed Mother’s birthday).  I said, “I am not doing nothing!”  If I was, it was going to be canceled real quick.  Neil said there is a very Holy woman who lives in the Cincinnati area and she celebrates Our Blessed Mothers birthday every year.  This visionary also comes as well as a very large group of other people from all over and I was being invited.  Neil told me to get there early or I would be parking a mile away.  I arrived and when I walked into her home, she had several statues of Our Lord and Blessed Mother and they were covered in “Gold Dust” and one of them was pulsating the “Gold Dust” when you stood near it.  I have heard two things about this miracle event and I saw it before in Conyers Georgia when Our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother was appearing to Visionary/mystic Nancy Fowler in the early 90’s and “Gold Dust” is the presence of Our Blessed Mother and also the Holy Spirit.

Looking up towards the ceiling in this woman’s home, I saw several large blue and white balloons tied together in the shape of a Rosary.  The blue balloons representing the Our Father prayer and white for the Hail Mary prayer.  On a table were small pieces of paper with a string attached to each one and you wrote out your prayer petition to Our Blessed Mother, then tied it to one of the strings on the balloons.  I then walked to the back yard and they had large tents set up and chairs for every one.


In short, this visionary from the Philippines arrived with at least 5 priests and some were from other countries with one of these most holy priests came from a parish just outside of Rome Italy to be part of this most Blessed event.  There had to be at least 200 plus people invited to this blessed event and they came from all over the U.S, Canada and other countries.  There was Holy Mass and then this visionary performed his healing ministry using the Rose petals.

Afterwards, everybody was asked to go to the front yard and they were going to release the balloons in the air.  Everybody gathered in the front yard and they were holding the balloons and when they released them, everybody started singing “Happy Birthday” to Our Blessed Mother.
I looked up and saw Neil in the up stairs bedroom window and the window was open wide and he was taking pictures as the balloons went up to the sky.  When all of this was happening, the Sun was spinning and some people were saying, “Look at the Sun!”  I went into the house and went up stairs, walked in the bedroom where Neil was.  Neil just took a picture using a instamatic camera as the balloons were still going up, then turned to me and said, “This is yours.”  I watched the image appear of “Our Lady of the Tear of Joy” in the photo.  There were NO images of Our Blessed Mother on any of the balloons nor in the trees, nor anywhere.

NOW WHAT IS HAPPENING…..  Our Blessed Mother is now giving messages about this image of Her.  In one of Her first messages She said, “This image of My tear is a Tear of Joy (hence Tear of Joy), for all those who were present at the Birthday party in Her honor.”  Message continues: “We were healing her heart those present in honoring Her”, (those present at the birthday party).  In another message “Tell them this image of me (Picture), is a healing image.”  Our Lady continues in messages that, when we go to Her it gives Her Joy (hence Tear of Joy) and it heals Her heart and She “Will” lead us to Her Son.  “When they look at my image (picture), they are to recite the prayer, Remember O most Gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known……….”  (Memorare Prayer).  “When they say this prayer to me, Remember O most gracious virgin Mary….. They are fleeing to me causing me Joy and I will heal them and lead them to my Son.”   Message continues, “Tell them, Tell them.”   When we say this prayer, we are fleeing to Our Blessed Mother and it gives Her Joy.  Message continues, “It brings me Joy (healing Her heart) when you come to me and I will lead you to my Son.”  This message keeps getting repeated.
Now, some mystic’s are very private about the gift they have being able to receive messages, but they meet with priests and have spiritual advisers guiding them in the mission they are being given by Our Lord Jesus or Blessed Mother.  There is a mystic who I was with Wednesday (Oct 11th) and this mystic has been getting messages since the fall of 93.  After they started receiving messages, this mystic went to Medjugojre and was gravely sick at the time and was advised by doctors that if they went, “It would be a one way trip because they would die.”  This mystic went because their grand daughter was very very sick.  Under standing that suffering is a grace if we offer it up for our love one’s or even for people we don’t even know, this mystic went for their grand daughter.  In short, the grand daughter was healed and Jesus told this mystic that it was because of their suffering, making the journey to Medjugorje and having the faith of offering up their suffering.  I “Was” with this mystic Wednesday night with a group of other prayer warriors saying the Rosary and I was having everybody hold the actual miracle photo when it came their turn to say their part of the Rosary.  When the miracle photo of “Our Lady of the Tear of Joy”, came to this mystic and it was their turn to say the Rosary, the actual image of Our Blessed Mother in the photo “Came Alive.”  When they were saying the Rosary, Our Blessed Mother was saying the Rosary with them, with Her lips moving and eyes actually moving.  Now, in one of Our Lady’s messages, She said, “Tell them this image of me (Picture), is a healing image.”  This message from Our Lady means that this photo of Her can be placed upon somebody when praying with them.  This also must be known that Our Lady “Will” intercede for us and go to Her Son and then we “Pray & Trust” for Our Lord’s “Will” to be done and not ours.  Any and all images of this most beautiful picture of “Our Lady of the Tear of Joy” have to be Blessed by a priest prior to giving them out when you are having them made.  They have to be BLESSED
I called this mystic today telling them that I am getting repeated requests to put all this in writing and the events of what occurred with this miracle photo and how it all got started.  This person is very humble with the gift given to them, being able to receive messages and there are several priests who believe in this person.  I requested their permission to state what happened Wednesday evening and this person said yes.  For those who were there Wednesday, you know who I am talking about.  This person is a very humble and holy person, pure and simple.  I was also told by several people when I was in Cincinnati on September 8th at this woman’s home, that she too receives messages and is private about it.  That was “Beyond Evident” with the Statues covered in “Gold Dust.”

When Our Blessed Mother appeared to a young 14 year old girl in Lourdes France in 1858 by the name of Bernadette (Now, Saint Bernadette), nobody believed her.  Then……….. the miracles started and are still going on.  For Lourdes France, Fatima, Medjugorje and these other sites where Our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother appear at, I once read this: “For those who believe no explanation is necessary, for those who don’t, no explanation can be given.”  You have physical healing’s and you have spiritual healing’s.  I will take a spiritual healing for myself or my love one’s any day of the week.  Nobody like’s to see our love one’s suffer, this is when the power of trust comes in that Our Lord has a plan for each and every situation, every suffering, no matter the type.  This also is where we turn to Our Blessed Mother and why do we go to Our Blessed Mother?  When Our Lord was hanging on the cross for “Our Sins”, and at the foot of the cross was his beloved disciple John and His Mother Mary.  “When Jesus saw his mother, and the disciple whom he loved standing near, he said to his mother, Woman, behold your son!  Then he said to the disciple, Behold your mother!  And from that hour the disciple took her to his own home.”  John 19:26-27  Jesus did NOT say, “My beloved John, this is my mother, please take care of her and my dear mother, this is my beloved disciple John, go with him.”  “BEHOLD YOUR SON & BEHOLD YOUR MOTHER.”  At that pivotal moment, Our Lord Jesus “DID GIVE US” His Mother as “Our Mother.”  IT IS HOLY SCRIPTURE!!  Then what did John do??  He took Her to his own home.  And Our Lady is waiting for us to bring Her into our own homes and we do that, when we call upon Her, when we “Flee to Her”, it gives Her Joy (Tear of Joy) and Our Lady “Will” intercede for us and lead us to Her Son and Jesus will never say no to His Mother.  This most beautiful image of Our Lady is to be called, “Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.”     
My brother’s and Sister’s in Christ, what I have written here is the “Truth”, this most beautiful event of “Our Lady of the Tear of Joy” did occur.  “For those who believe no explanation  is necessary, for those who don’t, no explanation can be given.”  So, let’s be obedient to Our Lady and let this image of Her be “known to all.”  “When we go to Her, it gives Her Joy and it heals Her heart and She “Will” lead us to Her Son.”  “Tell them, Tell them”  PASS THIS ON!
May the many graces of Our Lord Jesus be upon you and always know and never forget, Our Blessed Mother has Her mantle of Love & Protection wrapped around each of you, Arrow >>>————–>


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