Please Come Back to My Son

The mission of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy is under the spiritual direction of a Catholic priest.

In the past 500 years, the Church has recorded 2,000 apparitions of Our Lord Jesus and Our Blessed Mother appearing to people.  Now more than ever, they are recording more ongoing apparitions and why??  Everything is “Record Number”, you have recorded number of fires going on in California and there are also record fires in other states as well.  You have record hurricanes, flooding’s, earth quakes that are happening and the same in other countries that people don’t know about.   We are a world that has fallen away from serving and even recognizing Our Lord Jesus.  Through multiple visionaries/mystic’s not only in the U.S, but around the world, Our Blessed Mother is giving messages for “Everybody” to come back to Her Son before it is to late and Our Blessed Mother is wanting us to call out to Her, to pray to Her and all that who go to Our Blessed Mother, She will lead them to Her Son and intercede for us in our prayer intentions.